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Your Morning DC Comics News: Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn, Apollo and Midnighter

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A lot of people may now sigh a great sigh of relief, as DC confirms that its Blue Beetle ongoing series will feature fan favorite Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager, in the suit. Booster Gold/Ted Kord!Blue Beetle ‘shippers may now get all glum for a while.

The Blue Beetle announcement was all part of DC’s “Edge” theme, integrating the characters they’ve acquired from other continuities into the main DC one. Those continuities now include the Wildstorm imprint, which DC shut down last September, and the Wildstorm title Stormwatch looks very, very intriguing.

Yes, that’s Apollo and Midnighter hanging with the Martian Manhunter. Jack Hawksmoor, God of Cities, is also mentioned in the title’s description. I’ve seen writers completely fail to do Apollo and Midnighter justice before, because apparently writing gay characters in a committed relationship who also kick a ton of ass is difficult? And I’m still unsure of how the maturity, grittyness, and cynism of the Wildstorm universe will work out in the DC one, but we shall have to see. Maybe there won’t be a spaceship that looks like a dog’s nose, but maybe we’ll get some more well written gay characters for DC.

Moving along, what is videogame Harley doing in my comic books? (In Suicide Squad.)

Girl, that bodice is straight up falling down. I’ll say it again: you can lead an artist to pants, but you cannot make them depict the female form in a non-objectified way.

I’m just going to go watch Mad Love a few times. The comic won an Eisner, you know.

DC has almost announced every title in its 52 renumbered September series. Almost.

(Via Comics Alliance.)

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