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We’re Getting a Batman Spin-Off About a Young, Hot Alfred For Some Reason

DC, what are you doing here, buddy?

Batman V. Superman featured Jeremy Irons as Alfred

Look, I don’t have anything against the character of Alfred Pennyworth from the Batman comics. He’s swell, a top-notch guy. Michael Gough was great in the Burton and Schumacher Bat-films. Who doesn’t love Michael Caine’s take on the character? Plus, Jeremy Irons was the only thing that kept me from wanting them to throw the whole Bat-family out in Batman V. Superman and Justice League. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why we’re greenlighting a show about a young, sexy Alfred, who was cast today.

The series, titled Pennyworth, will follow Alfred and Batman’s dad Thomas Wayne in 1960’s London, where former SAS agent Alfred forms a security company. More knowledgeable fans than I have said that there’s a basis for Alfred kicking ass and taking names in the comics, which is great! But that still begs the question of why we need this show in the first place? Who asked for Sexy Alfred, who probably has weird sexual chemistry with Sexy Thomas Wayne? Does that mean Batman has two dads now?

I’m sure both Jack Bannon and Ben Aldridge are talented actors, but do we really need another gritty comic book project about brooding white men? I don’t believe there was a loud crowd of people asking for this series, so why is DC pursuing it? There have to be better ways to capitalize on the popularity of Batman that people would be more interested in, especially one that doesn’t just focus on two white guys.

Also, I feel like dark and gritty isn’t exactly what the people are asking for. Justice League didn’t do well at the box office and Batman V. Superman is a meme at this point. Titans also got some blowback for the “fuck Batman” line in the trailer. A grimdark take on Batman’s charming butler/surrogate dad? I feel like DC isn’t reading the room here in the slightest.

Also, the series is coming from the writers of Gotham, who managed to ruin my absolute favorite DC character of all time, Jim Gordon. I do not want them doing another DC series.

If DC wants to dive into more television, there are so many other options to choose from. What about a Nubia TV show to build off the Wonder Woman hype? Or a Green Lantern Corps. TV series, since the movie seems to have stalled? DC has a fairly big canon, there has to be some character they can dive into that wouldn’t just be the most out-of-left-field gritty reboot/prequel they could go with. (Also, as I’ve said many times, Etta Candy and the rest of her team could easily lead a TV show so DC, call me.)

We’ll see how Pennyworth plays out, but it’s hardly topping my list of most anticipated shows. DC, please figure out what you’re doing though. Seriously. This is so confusing.

(via Total Film; Image: Warner Bros)

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