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Let’s Take a Minute To Celebrate The Awesome Female Creators At DC Comics

Yesterday the annual DC summit wrapped up at their new offices in Burbank, California, and clearly a good time was had by all (though it would have been better if they’ve stayed in New York City and we got to hang out with them… shh, no, Victoria, don’t be jealous). Here we have Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Ming Doyle (Dark Universe, Constantine: The Hellblazer), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Annie Wu (Black Canary), and Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman).

Bonus! Here are some pics from the actual event, via each of these great creators’ twitter feeds:

Quick peek at the WB lot! I saw the Animaniacs’ house!

A photo posted by Ming Doyle (@mingdoyle) on

Bat-texting is faster, but he’s being weird about giving me his number so whatever.

A photo posted by Annie Wu (@anniewuart) on

That’s it. I have succumbed to jealousy. How dare all of you be so talented and lucky?

(via Brendan Fletcher on Twitter)

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