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DC Comics Artists Will Redesign General Mills “Monster Cereal” Packaging

Looks like Count Chocula's getting a gritty reboot.


Monster Cereal

Count Chocula and his pals Franken Berry and Boo Berry are getting redesigned by DC Comics artists like Jim Lee before they hit shelves for Halloween this year as part of a partnership between General Mills and DC Entertainment. Sadly, there’s no word on Yummy Mummy or Fruit Brute getting redesigns.

Lee will be redesigning Boo Berry, scientifically proven to be the worst of all the Monster Cereals. Franken Berry is being done by Dave Johnson, and the team of Terry and Rachel Dodson will be taking on Count Chocula. Lee said in a press release:

There are many lifelong fans of Monsters Cereal at DC Entertainment so we were excited when the Monsters team at General Mills reached out to us to help design their packaging. It’s not Halloween without Monsters, and we hope everyone loves the new designs just as much as we do.

As we found out last year when we taste-tested and ranked all five Monster Cereals, they don’t necessarily hold up to your childhood memories. Especially Boo Berry. Still, we love DC and we love cereal, so we’re excited to see what they come up with. After all, it’s been proven that people prefer cereal with cartoons on the box. Maybe an incredible Jim Lee drawing could turn us all around on Boo Berry.

(via PR Newswire, image via amoebafinger)

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