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This Skinny, (Non-)Smoking Footballer Became the Doctor [Video]

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Matt Smith isn’t the only former footballer-turned-Doctor! For his very first acting role ever, 16-year old David Tennant played a football-loving Scottish lad who impressed a be-mulletted teenage girl and the lost Weasley sister with his “beautiful legs” and sexy nicotine habit. You might notice that no one in this 1980s anti-smoking PSA doesn’t actually smoke, but look at that posture on Tennant! Look how he holds that ciggie and flicks those ashes! He was destined to break our hearts on Doctor Who. And play Hamlet. (Witness his inspiring work as “Spectator” in the beginning.)

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Also, serious props to Cyriaque Lamar at io9 for the use of the word “stultifying” to describe this video. Please accept this truly heartfelt slow clap.


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