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New World Record For Hottest Run Set By…Darth Vader?

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A man in a Darth Vader costume might have just set the world record for the hottest run. Yes, the temperature kind.

Jonathan Rice ran a 6 minute and 32 second mile in 129F degree heat (53 degrees Celcius) while doing The Darth Valley run– an annual event where people run through Death Valley in their favorite Star Wars costume (not to be confuse with the Course of the Force), which Rice and his friends have been attending for a few years, now. They don their Jedi robes and braided buns to make the sprint through one of the world’s hottest deserts each year — some of the other noteworthy participants being a Leia cosplayer and a man who did the run in a Chewbacca suit.

The Darth Valley is no jog through the park. Rice himself said on his website: “This is a ludicrously dangerous endeavor. I don’t support you doing it. I don’t even really support me doing it.” He goes on to list the risks as “dehydration, heatstroke, heart attack, death, death, more death and getting a purple face.”

Whether or not Rice truly broke the record is uncertain, but for now, we think the force is with him.

(via io9)

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