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Announcing the Winners of Our The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition #Batgeekgiveaway

Also some great honorable mentions.

Dark Knight Collection

Our friends at Warner Bros. set us up with two copies of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray to give away, so we made our readers scream “Swear to me!” in their best Batman voice on Vine. The results were exactly as incredible as we hope. Here are the winning Vines and some honorable mentions.


@Chuckbahmi’s Vine is so genuinely intimidating that we were frankly afraid not to give him a prize.

@ThatDeanGrey made creative use of a friend and a cereal box. We think that deserves a prize.

Honorable Mentions

@BatmanBarret used some creative jump cuts and an actual Batman cowl. We’re sorry we only had two sets to give away, but we hope you get some more ice cream.

@HearAndyTalk opted to go shirtless for his entry. At the very least, it made it memorable.

We realize we asked a very silly thing of you all, and we’d like to thank everyone who entered. Watching a bunch of Vines of people shouting like Batman was everything we hoped it would be. Congratulations again to our winners!

We’d also like to thank Warner Bros. for sponsoring this contest, and remind everyone that you can buy the collection on Blu-ray. It even looks like it’s on sale for $74.49 if you go through Remember: It has Hot Wheels!

(via Warner Bros.)

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