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This One-Shot Fight Scene From Daredevil Season 2 Might Be Hallway Fight 2.0

Warning for spoilers if you haven't watched that far, obviously.


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If you were wondering exactly how season two of Daredevil was going to be able to top that epic hallway fight scene from season one (which was staged, choreographed and then done all in one take), then have no fear. There’s a similar fight scene that comes up early on in the show in episode three, where Daredevil takes on several members of a motorcycle club gang–and, well, if you thought the hallway fight scene was rad, you haven’t seen anything until you’re trying to keep track of where Daredevil is in a darkened stairwell.

Oh, and did we mention he does all of this with some pretty impressive chains attached to his body? Because yeah, that happens too.

You can watch the entire five-minute sequence in the video below (which, honestly, doesn’t have any real spoilers unless watching Daredevil kick some gang butt is a spoiler for you):

Technically, it’s not entirely a one-shot fight sequence–you can spot one or two quick cuts that were almost seamlessly edited together to make it look like it was all done at once, but those are some pretty long stretches of fight sequences to perform together and time perfectly. I’d be curious to know how many takes they had to do before they managed to pull off the final product used in the episode.

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