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Daredevil Recaps: “World on Fire” and “Condemned”


In this week’s Daredevil recaps, everyone goes on just all of the dates, and Daredevil talks to Wilson Fisk for the first time. Let’s jump in, shall we?

When “World on Fire” picks up, Matt and Claire regroup in Matt’s apartment after kind of a rough night and crack Batman jokes about “billionaire playboys,” proving that laughter truly is the best medicine.

claire temple laugh

“Hahaha who can even relate to that guy?”

matt murdock laugh

“Pfff I know, right?”

Matt’s cooking her breakfast because he’s 100% class, and then they have kissy time after he says she should move in with him totally just to keep her safe and stuff, you guys.


“Jrffff for srfffffty.”

They manage to come up for air long enough for us to finally get a visual for how well Matt can see:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.37.22 PM

Kind of how you’d imagine the Eye of Sauron sees, tbh.

And their romantic moment ends with a discussion of how to get rid of the criminal element and that “cutting off the head of the snake” will “cause the body to die.”


Hello yes we have someone who’d like to disagree with you.

In the interest of figuring out just where that “head” is, Claire tells him her captors seemed to be underlings of someone named Vladimir.

This guy!

This guy!

Vladimir is the brother of Absolutely Headless Anatoly, whose body has just been found after Fisk finally stopped using it to test the safety of his SUV’s doors. Fisk’s minions have planted a Daredevil mask on the body to throw Valdimir and the rest of the Russian gang on a chase for the wrong guy.

Fisk finally makes an appearance at a Minions Anonymous meeting to explain what’s going on between him and Vladimir and reassure everyone else that it’s going to be fine. Sure, because Vladimir seems exactly like the “hug it out” kind of guy.


…which is exactly what Leland said. Dammit, Leland. Don’t steal my dumb jokes.

Meanwhile, Daredevil goes out for another round of his favorite game, “Beat Information out of Randos.” During the battle, we uncover a possible alternative explanation for why Daredevil is the man without fear: he seems to fundamentally misunderstand how guns work.


“Lol am I doing guns right, you guys?”


“And then I just throw the other piece, too? This seems impractical but w/e.”

After creative use of projectile weapons and a bit more Batman voice, he finds out everyone thinks he beheaded Vlad’s brother.

Back in their law office, Karen and Foggy fundamentally misunderstand how other technology works, and a client shows up to maybe give them a case that doesn’t immediately have to do with the main plot. She speaks mostly Spanish, which Matt also speaks but has Karen continue to translate out loud so the audience knows what’s going on/because he “likes listening to her voice.”


“DOWN boy. Weren’t you JUST making out with Claire? Awkward.”



Matt puts Foggy on the case of saving Mrs. Cardenas’ and her neighbors’ rent-controlled apartments, which turns out to be against the law firm they once interned at. Then everyone makes a bunch of jokes about Foggy getting eaten by sharks, because they don’t want me to have all the fun, and this isn’t a Zack Snyder DC movie—jokes are allowed.

While Foggy and Karen go to take care of running their business, Matt heads down to the police station to listen in on the entire building in an effort to gather some information, raising the important question of why the Hell doesn’t he just do that every single day? Or just follow criminals and listen to their conversations instead of all the punching?

You know, aside from the fact that it would be incredibly boring television.

Or maybe he doesn’t want to deal with the soul-crushing depression he’d develop from listening to corrupt cops shoot suspects who’re willing to say too much, which is what happens while he’s waiting there.

Across town, Foggy and Karen argue with an ex-colleague/girlfriend of Foggy’s at the opposing law firm, and Foggy demonstrates his legal prowess and insult skills while stopping just short of snapping her out.


“Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Then, they go to have an adorable accidental date fixing Mrs. Cardenas’ apartment up and share a romantic candlelit dinner that she prepared for them as a thank you. She tells them something in Spanish that I can only guess is, “That Murdock is a no-good, angsty flirt. Foggy’s the clear choice. Don’t f*** it up, you two.”


Whoops, my hand shipped—I mean, slipped.

Elsewhere, Matt has been stealing corrupt cops’ Zack Morris phones to get the inside story on Fisk’s plans and arguing with Claire about what he’s willing to do to stop crime—again. She understands where he’s coming from, but she says she’s not sure she can let herself fall in love with someone who’s playing chicken with becoming the thing he’s fighting against. And he tells her she shouldn’t. And STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THIS I CAN’T TAKE IT.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 2.24.40 PM

^Me right now.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.13.51 PM

“I need to be the hero this city deserves—er, the man this city needs.”

The Russians have found out Fisk was responsible for killing Anatoly and are preparing to go to war, and Matt intercepts a text message which leads him to their stronghold.

At the same time, Vanessa and Fisk are having basically the same conversation as Claire and Matt about things that must be done in order to make the city better on their second date, because she’s a lot more cool with the crime boss thing than I previously anticipated. She also mentions that she was not cool with a “tall man in a white suit and an ascot,” that she once met, by the way.


“W-wait! I…”

In the interest of honesty, they discuss everything from life goals to the gun in Vanessa’s purse, because she’s a stone-cold badass and clearly ready to jump into Fisk’s lifestyle.

Foggy’s date is experiencing a level of success somewhere between Fisk/Vanessa and Matt/Claire as the subject has turned back to Matt, who Karen seems to maybe be interested in despite the awkward vibe she gave his earlier remark.

foggy bad date

“Seriously, HOW is the crime boss having a better date than me right now?

As Daredevil arrives at Vladimir’s hideout, a minion of Fisk’s shows up and blows the place apart along with several additional blocks of warehouse space. Daredevil’s lucky enough to be just barely not caught in the explosion, but it does cut his night a bit short—and the same with Foggy and Karen’s date.


“Agh why!? Why is this date getting worse!?”

Vladimir barely escapes, and as Daredevil puts him out of commission, the cops show up and give him nowhere to run, as he’s apparently remembered how guns work and would rather not get shot.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 2.50.31 PM

“Guys, FYI: I’ve found that throwing bullets is much safer. … Guys?”

Keep reading for the next episode, “Condemned.”

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