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Dancing Porgs to Get You Through Wednesday

It is the middle of the week, and yet the weekend still feels so far away. What better way to get through your Wednesday than with some animated porgs dancing to the Cantina song? This video comes to us from animator Julian Leupold, based on a 3D model from Taiga, while the remixed version of the “Cantina Theme” comes from Beaterie. And don’t you worry: Leupold assures us that “no porgs were injured” in the making of this video.

Honestly, my favorite thing about this video is the stony little faces on the porgs. I recognize that it’s likely just a quirk of the model, but it makes them look like they’re trying to be tough and hip. Like they’re teen porgs who are just trying to look cool at the club, but cannot escape the fact that they’re adorable little space puffins.

Ever since they premiered, the porgs have inspired a variety of reactions. While many audience members immediately fell in love with them, buying merch like porg chocolates and porg sweaters, and creating fan works ranging from fan art to homemade Halloween costumes, others were worried that the creatures might become annoying. Even the cast members of The Last Jedi were divided. Kelly Marie Tran loved and feathered them; John Boyega, on the other hand, did not like them.

As you probably know, we here at The Mary Sue have been firmly Team Porg, so this video was right up our alley.

(via io9; image: screengrab)

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