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Monday Cute: Drape Yourself in Porgs From Head to Toe

We’re still feeling all of our Star Wars: The Last Jedi feelings pretty hard, which means I spent the weekend stuffing those feelings into one of my favorite emotional outlets: looking at online merch. As you no doubt know by now, we here at The Mary Sue are Team Porg for life, and our love only grew after actually being able to see those little space puffins in action.

Lucky for us–for all of us–it’s possible to drape ourselves in porgs from head to toe, and now that’s all I want to do forever.

Let’s start with this dreamy porg skirt from the always awesome Her Universe. I’m in love.

via Her Universe

As if that’s not cute enough, check out the details on this adorable porg cardigan.

via Her Universe

“But wait,” I hear you saying. “I can’t possibly wear those together. It would be too much porg!” To which I say, “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH PORG.”

via Her Universe

Do you need a porg cardigan to wear over your porg cardigan? Of course you do!

via Her Universe

Don’t forget to keep your noggin warm.

via Amazon

You can also throw all your porg Funkos, water bottles, and your porg-encased cell phone into your porg backpack.

via Disney

Are you worried there wouldn’t also be pajamas? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. (Covered with porgs!)

via Amazon

That’s only the tip of the porg merch iceberg. Have you seen any great porg merch out there were should know about?

(image: Lucasfilm/Disney)

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