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So Long as There Are Porg-Shaped Chocolates in the World, Romance Can Never Die


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Everyone has a different take on Valentine’s Day. Some reject the monetization of romance, or take issue with the pressure to be romantically attached. Others like the excuse to indulge in a bit of lovey stuff. But I’m guessing most of us can agree that any excuse to give, get, and eat chocolate is worth taking. I didn’t know just how incredible a heart-shaped box of chocolates could be, though, until I saw this one from artist Toby Markham, full of tiny edible porgs.

This isn’t the first time Markham has made porg figures.

My feed has gone to the birds. It seems there is a blind porg conference in progress.

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But the foray into edible porgs is too exciting (and presumably delicious) to handle. He detailed the creation process on his Instagram.

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Markham writes that he sculpted in clay and molded those figures. “Then cast into 6 resin copies & remolded with food grade silicone. Then layered with Lindt dark chocolate eyes, white chocolate bellies & backed with milk chocolate.”

Look, I was as horrified as the next fan when Chewie roasted that little porg in The Last Jedi. But I have to admit, I get it. Porgs look delicious and I would eat a whole box of them immediately upon opening. (As long as they’re chocolate.)

As of now, Markham isn’t selling his chocolates. But you can see his artwork, porgs and otherwise, on his website.

(via Nerdist, featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

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