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Things We Saw Today: Kelly Marie Tran Was Caught “Feathering the Porgs” on the Set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

When people throw around that saying “celebrities: they’re just like us!” it’s very often meant sarcastically, to describe their Scrooge McDuck vaults of money or they’re elaborate grooming processes. But in this interview from Vulture, Kelly Marie Tran very much is just like us. Not only does she drop Hamilton lyrics in casual conversation and react to shirtless Kylo Ren by “[screaming] for several seconds,” but she referred to being on the Last Jedi set as if “someone had told me Hogwarts was real.” And she took full advantage of the opportunity. Definitely read the full interview, but my favorite bit describes her just wandering around, doing literally everything anyone would let her, including “feathering porgs.”

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I also got to put hair on the falthiers! I think that I was given a gift, in that I just didn’t know there were rules. I didn’t know that it was weird to always want to be there, because literally, even if I wasn’t working, I would just be around. People were like, “Don’t you have things to do?” But I would go on set and watch every day and walk into different departments unannounced, like, “Hey, what are you guys doing?” I went to the costume department, and there’s just a huge room with hundreds and hundreds of costumes, and every single one was so detailed — it was incredible! I don’t know how to explain this experience other than to say it was like someone had told me Hogwarts was real. It says so much that every department was so welcoming to me, and they really took time out of their day to talk to me for half an hour and explain things to me.

Kelly Marie Tran, she’s just like us. Except now she’s in Star Wars.

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What did you all see out there today?

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