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The Comedy Team of Damon and Kimmel Present: Horrible Gift Ideas (For Children)

It is a gift!

Oh, we are seriously running out of time to get our loved ones gifts for Christmas. But here is an idea: why not make them really annoyed with you by getting them horrible gifts? Or lower their expectations by getting them horrible gifts and then giving them slightly better gifts that still don’t have to be all that impressive if you’ve just gifted them with garbage? This might have been the thinking behind Jimmy Kimmel‘s call for his fans to give their children intentionally horrible gifts and post the videos to YouTube. Then again, he may just know that it is hilarious to watch children be extremely disappointed.

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But what’s this I said about Damon, as in Matt Damon? Does it have something else to do with horrible gifts? Or something to do with having some sort of intimate relationship? (Um, non-spoiler: it’s the former. The video behind the jump is definitely SFW.)

Matt Damon is a co-founder of, which promotes the availability of clean water in developing countries. And in order to further spread his message to a younger audience, he has taken on the role of Santa Claus to suggest that children take part in his efforts too — by asking for an official water bottle for Christmas! Because that’s way better than zombie dolls or a Darth Vader mask … right? Right? Definitely better than Ben Affleck, that’s for darn sure.

(via Jimmy Kimmel Live and on YouTube)

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