Dame Diana Rigg Thinks the Next Bond Could Be a Lesbian

But, what about a black, lesbian Bond?
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There’s been much ado about “the next James Bond.” Of course, you know our pick. But when speaking with Dame Diana Rigg, herself a former Bond Girl (and the only Mrs. Bond), the Radio Times learned that she not only has no problem with Elba as Bond (“A black Bond would be lovely.”), but she could totally see the casting go even further.

When asked about the possibility of a female Bond, she was hesitant – mostly because she worries about what might be lost:

I wouldn’t like to see a female Bond, because we wouldn’t want to lose the Bond girls.

And yes, it took her a second, but she finally came around:

But we could have a lesbian Bond, [so] why not?


First of all, even if we had a straight, female Bond – why not Bond Boys?  But second, Jane Bond? Sexy, sophisticated lesbian spy in a tailored suit, whaaaaat? Who wouldn’t watch that? Pajiba makes a solid pick for who the first female Bond should be:

hayley gi

We love you, Hayley Atwell.

However, I’ve got some other picks in mind for Future Lesbian Bond, too:

Cate Blanchett – She can do no wrong in my eyes. Also, please, check out this link for even MORE reasons why she needs to wear menswear forever, STAT. And yeah, she’s not English, but she’s played Queen Elizabeth I, dammit. QUEEN. She could definitely handle the necessary mix of smoldering seductiveness and badassery required for anyone playing Bond.
Cate Blanchett suit

Tilda Swinton – also a ridiculously talented actress who rocks suits like a boss.

Tilda Swinton

Archie Panjabi – Because as we all know, Future Lesbian Bond doesn’t have to be white.

archie panjabi

Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Case in point, this badass actress who’s already played a spy on TV in Undercovers. (Cancelled too soon….)


Honorable Mention:

Jenna Coleman – sure, she’s slightly too young for the part now, but she’s a hell of an actress, looks great in a suit, and by the time we get around to a female Bond, she’ll likely be just the right age.

jenna coleman

Now, obviously there’s also the possibility of a female Bond being more feminine and not wearing dapper suits at all. However, I think that dapper suits, like martinis shaken, not stirred, are kind of part of the Bond package, personality-wise, so I totally went for 1) great actresses, who 2) can smolder really well, and 3) would look great in a tailored suit.

OK, I know I’m opening up the floodgates, but….who do YOU think should be Future Lesbian Bond?

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