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Monday Cute: Dalmatian Adopts Tiny Orphaned Spotted Lamb


Once again, animals prove to us humans that love knows no limits– a spotted lamb in South Australia’s Barossa Valley has been adopted by a Dalmatian dog, after being abandoned by her mother. Having no children of her own, the dog has taken to grooming and mothering the tiny lamb, a cross between Dorper ram and a cross-bred Dorper and Van Rooy ewe, whenever she can. According to the farm’s co-owner, John Bolton, while they’re still unsure whether they’ll call the lamb a “sheep-matian” or  a “dal-dorper,” they know for a fact that this uncanny parental bond has only benefited the baby lamb. Watch the video for some cross-species parenting in action, and try to contain your “awws!” to your cubicle!

(via The Huffington Post.)

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