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Here’s a Cute Animal Video Roundup

Cute Dog

Because we feel like maybe you need this right now, (we know we do) here are some videos of cute animals doing things. There’s a dog talking about how pumped he is to get a cat, a cat training to be a ninja, and arguably the most obedient dog we’ve ever seen. Cute pet videos can’t fix everything that’s wrong with the world, but we’re sure glad they’re there.

See. Dog’s and cats don’t have to be enemies, you guys. Sometimes they can be buds.

Anyone afraid of cats should probably up their level of fear, because now cats have ninja training.

I love my dog Elvis, but he’s not great at following commands. This video is clearly pretty old, but if that dog is still around maybe he can come over and teach my dog that when I tell him to sit, I don’t mean just for a fraction of a second.

(Videos via YouTube, Talking Dog, Ninja Cat, Obedient Dog)

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