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Cubify’s Colorful 3D-printed Toy Robots Can Trade Parts, Are Totes Adorbz

Cubify‘s new line of Cubify Robots can be taken apart and put back together, letting kids indulge in bouts of destruction, construction, and Frankensteinian creation. They currently have 6 colorful robots to mix-and-match — 7,776 different kinds of adorable should keep them occupied until they’re old enough for LEGO.

Cubify Robots can be ordered directly from Cubify for $4.99. Alternatively, the $0.99 source code can be downloaded ready-to-print with the $1,299 Cube Home 3D Printer. Apparently, it’s Cube-only code, so your $499 Solidoodle might not be able to print it.

Though adorable, these robots might not be quite awesome enough for people who aren’t toddlers. I find myself itching to to make my own posable interchangeable Team Fortress 2 figures. Swappable weapons. Heavy-headed Medic. Yes. Well, they’ve thought of that too: The $50 Cubify Invent software lets Cube owners create their own designs.

So many dollar signs. Feels like I’m coding in PHP.

(via Engadget)

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