Put Your 3D-Printed Head On These Superhero Action Figures

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It’s pretty much a sure thing that at some point or another, you’ve imagined yourself as a superhero. It’s a perfectly geeky way to day dream. What if that’s not enough though? What if you need to see it? Firebox can help you out with that by providing you a superhero action figure with your head on it. All you need to do is send them your picture. And some money.

This treat is thanks to the miracle of 3D printing. By looking at the pictures you send them — one of your profile, one head on — Firebox can create a miniature, 3D-printed version of your head that you can snap onto an action figure body. Each figure comes with a copy of your head, but also a traditional head. A ball and socket mechanism allows you to switch one out with the other at will, in case you need to hide your vanity from visitors or something.

Currently, Firebox sells five models: Superman, Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, or for you villains out there, the Joker. Regardless of which one you pick, it seems that the 3D-printed head comes adorned with neither mask nor make-up so although Superman might not be your favorite, he’s the only one your noggin will really look good on. All of the heroes come with a handy display stand and epoxy if you want to make your choice of head permenant. All this comes at a price though, a price of about $130 which isn’t exactly cheap, but doesn’t require a Batman-sized budget either. We are talking about a personal action figure here. That’s practically priceless.

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