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Crysis 2 Trailer: Stand By And Let People Die

I’m just going to go ahead and say that I don’t understand the idea behind making games that most people do not have the hardware to play.  I’m all for graphics, when they are married to good design and good writing, but that was never Crysis‘ claim to fame.  I didn’t actually play the game, I just took Penny Arcade‘s word for it, but when Tycho says something like this:

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With Mass Effect, you had amazing storytelling whose technology never quite held up its end. In Crysis, you have precisely the opposite.

Well, I think I made the right choice.

…So, there’s a trailer for Crysis 2.

You’re in New York this time, and it still looks pretty.  And… that’s where I run out of strictly complimentary things to say.  The soundtrack is a nicely eerie version of New York, New York, but it doesn’t quite seem genuine.  You’re no Bioshock or Fallout, Crysis.  It’s okay.  That’s not what we require of you.

A note for next time: don’t have your main character stand by idly while several helicopters full of soldiers get murdered.  It makes him look like a… oh, what’s that French word… duvet?  Touche?

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