Breakup Notifier Guy Makes Crush Notifier, an Anonymous Way to Figure Out if Someone Digs You on Facebook

Shortly after his popularĀ Breakup Notifier app got blocked by Facebook, creator Dan Loewenherz tried to “turn a negative into a positive” and released Crush Notifier, which is essentially an anonymous way to figure out if someone you dig digs you back, without all that pesky shame of being identifiable should said crush be uninterested in your e-dvances.

Once you choose a Crush, your Crush receives an anonymous mail notifying them that someone digs them, and if said Crush chooses you back, only then will your identity be revealed, which is a common tactic that other Internet dating sites employ, and like many dating sites, people using Crush Notifier will have to purchase Crushes (the ability to send a Crush notification to someone), though in this case, with Facebook Credits. Head on over to the Crush Notifier blog for more details, including a way to obtain Crushes to hand out without spending Facebook Credits.

(via TechCrunch)

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