Breakup Notifier Automates Your Facebook Stalking Routine

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You’re sitting at home, alone, looking at the Facebook profile of the person that you’ve loved from afar for so long. He or she is the apple of your eye; those legs and/or mustache, that hair and/or biceps. But wait, what’s this? He or she has changed his or her status to single! Oh, rapture! Oh, bliss! You quickly dash off a Facebook message, confessing your undying adoration but too late! His or her status has changed back to “in a relationship!” If only you’d had more time!

Well, now with Breakup Notifier, you can! Simply login with your Facebook info, pick a Facebook crush, and Breakup Notifier will send you an email when the object of your affection changes his or her relationship status. Huzzah! Your internet love life will never be the same!

While this is certainly a convenient system for targeting one’s amorous intentions, it does have an air of creepiness about it. It’s not even because it uses Facebook; to me, it seems like it would be far less creepy to simply discover someone’s realtionship status rather than sign up for alerts about it. It strikes me as particularly presumptuous that, if you’re not close enough to a person so as to be aware of their relationship status that you have to sign up for an alert about it.

I will admit that I am perhaps a little too old fashioned in this brave new world of iLove and eLationships. Breakup Notifier will probably connect people in a meaningful way that wasn’t possible before. But that does not change the fact that it’s pretty damn creepy.

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