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Zoë Quinn Has Launched A Network to Help Fight GamerGate Harassment & Other Online Abuse



Billed as “by survivors, for survivors,” Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz have launched the Crash Override Network, which is also billed as an “online anti-harassment task force.”

Here’s the rundown from the site itself:

Who we are:

Crash Override is a support network and assistance group for victims and targets of unique forms of online harassment, composed entirely of experienced survivors. Our network includes experts in information security, white hat hacking, PR, law enforcement, legal, threat monitoring, and counselling [sic]. Most, if not all, of our agents are former clients. Prior to formal launch, our trial runs had great success in helping victims lock down their information, prevent SWATing attempts, and feel like they were back in control of their online life.

What we do:

Our network works preventatively and reactively, warning targets and working with them during episodes of harassment to keep them safe and provide them with the means to reduce harm and rebuild, as well as disempower their harassers. We understand that every cast of online harassment is unique in terms of its targets, aggressors, and circumstances, and that no one plan of survival is suitable for everyone. We instead work with clients to tailor a unique plans [sic] of action, informed by our own experience and prior success in the field.

I’d say this is most definitely one of those necessary things to have around, and I applaud Quinn, Lifschitz, and their team for putting this together. Also: Quinn and Lifschitz are running this with out-of-pocket funds. According to their twitter they aren’t taking donations at the moment but will make if known if they “choose to seek funding based on [their] future needs.”

Also from their twitter:

And from someone who made use of their services:

Quinn mentioned plans for this sort of thing in an interview with Bustle back in September. I’m happy to see it’s finally arrived.

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