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If only it were socially acceptable to dress up in costumes every day we’d have so much more fun. Just like we did with our Twitter contest! We asked you to show us your Halloween costumes for a chance to win a sold-out Her Universe Star Wars tote bag with art by Katie Cook and signed by Ahsoka Tano herself, Ashley Eckstein. The Mary Sue staff has sifted through the entries and we’ve found you all very creative and talented. But as in Highlander, there can be only one. Hit the jump to check out 10 of our favorites and then, the lucky winner! 

10. Twitter user @belldandy took inspiration from the Star Wars tote itself this year, dressing up as Cook’s Bananakin Skywalker.

9. @CallMeShmi says she’s raising her kids right, on the classics. She-Ra > He-Man for the record.

8. We here at The Mary Sue are fond of Doctor Who themed dresses and this Dalek from @Domino_EQ2 won points for her light-up head gear.

7. Some people have a problem with Ewoks. If you have a problem with this Ewok I’m coming to your house and punching you in the face. This is @Kidd923TheFan’s little daughter Allison as Wicket.

6. @CallMeShmi was on a role this year with her kids. Her older daughter had a creative take on Nyan Cat! (Honorable mention to this actual Nyan Cat from @darastar)

5. @Kinravip decided to go the scary route this year with a Black Lantern Santa, complete with Candy Cane of Doom!

4. Our next entry came via video instead of a photo. So here’s a screengrab of @brunetteretrieve’s son as a doodle. Click here to watch the video and see why we love it so much.

3. @brainmist warned us that her costume caused folks to “fall down, cry, run away, and wet themselves in fear.” Sounds about right.

2. @NadiaKovacs really impressed us with her finely tailored TARDIS dress. Bonus points for the cape!

1. This little girl has Ahsoka down to a T. @wonderwoman1100 says her daughter is ready for battle. Use the force, little one!

We had much debate over that little Ahsoka and our actual winner but were relieved to find out they’re both from the same household! Introducing our winner…Autumn Fett!

This is user @wonderwoman1100‘s other daughter! We just couldn’t ignore her fierceness and love for bounty hunting. Congratulations to Autumn, we hope you’ll share your Her Universe Star Wars tote with your little sis.

Thanks to everyone who participated, you all did a fantastic job!

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