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Controller-Mounted Hot Pocket Holder is Either the Best Thing Ever, or the Worst

As many of you may already know, eating something while playing video games is one of the hardest and most frustrating things in the history of mankind. Unless you’re playing a Metal Gear Solid game — where the cutscenes are long enough for you to eat a five course meal — you find yourself floundering between controller and foodstuff, losing lives in-game and hygenine points in real life. Now, there’s finally a solution to the problem, a controller-mounted Hot Pocket holder; it’s so convenient, you could probably use it during competitive online play.

This horrible and awesome device was dreamed up by Ben Heck of the Ben Heck Show when he realized the contor of the top of an Xbox 360 controller seems to match that of a Hot Pocket. Not too long after, the device was born. Using a conveniently placed lever, users can ratchet their Hot Pocket up as they take bites, making it almost too easy to snag a mouthful while taking cover to regain health. The original plans called for a motorized design, but that proved to be overkill.

The result is an elegant if somewhat barebones-looking design that gets an important job done very well. My only fear is that if I had one of these, I’d start eating far too many Hot Pockets, but it’s not like I eat salad when I’m playing video games anyway. All we need now is some kind of drink dispenser. Maybe with cans mounted on the head. Yeah. That way I could eat and drink without moving and look bizarre enough to scare away any pesky humans trying to interfere with my Kingdom Hearts 2 speedruns. Sounds like paradise.

Watch the whole build process here.

(Revision3 via DVICE)

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