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Constantine and Preacher TV Writers Talk Sticking to the Source Material, Hair Color

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There’s also a bit of casting news for the CW’s iZombie, but I know what you’re here for: Finding out whether NBC’s version of John Constantine will be a blonde chain smoker. Your answer lies behind the cut.

Straight from the mouth of writer/executive producer David Goyer: Yes and maybe. In an interview with I Am Rogue he spoke about how the show will stick close to its source material, at least in certain respects:

“I’m proud to say that Constantine is actually being played by a British guy. Matt Ryan and he is going to have blond hair… He will have his signature trench coat and skinny tie. I would say that the show clings more closely to the source material than the film did. Even though the film was interesting.”

“Interesting.” Nice tact. I know some of you were worried when brunette Ryan was cast that it would mean Constantine might lose some of his sting (see what I did here?), so this should come as good news. Goyer also says “we’re negotiating” on whether Constantine will be a chain smoker, which is a “tricky” thing to show on network TV. NBC, look at all the gore you have on Hannibal. Now look back to me. Constantine can chain smoke. We’re also looking at “quite a few other characters from the comic books and possibly from the DC universe” showing up should the show move forward, specifically “occult figures,”. “Hopefully, touch wood, there’ll be another recurring character announced,” says Goyer, “[a] pretty cool actor who fans will know the character he plays from the comic books as well.”

Start your speculation engines, Constantine fans.

Moving on to Preacher, which Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are doing for AMC: In an interview with Collider Goldberg says it’s not his intention to change much of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon‘s graphic novel, though it’s executive producer Sam Catlin who has the final say:

“We need to change some stuff but we’re not going to change much, I hope. We’re just going to do a little more of the preamble instead of doing flashbacks and restructure how we dole out the information a little, but we’re going to do the same characters, same story, same ending.  We’re going try to stick to Preacher as best we can. We’re making it with Sam Catlin, who did Breaking Bad, and so he might tell me I’m wrong about all of this and that the real way to do it is different because he’s much smarter and better at all this than I am. But we’re going try to stick to what it is as best we can… everyone else tried to make it a movie, and it shouldn’t be a movie.  It should be an AMC show, that’s the proper way for it to get done… It’s too big; you can’t do that in a movie.  It’s just too big.  You’ve gotta learn the characters, it’s all about a love triangle and you need to grow with them and see the woman swayed one way or the other, and in a movie you just can’t accomplish all that.”

Preacherites, what say you: Sounds legit?

And finally, One Tree Hill actor Robert Buckley has joined the cast of the CW’s iZombie, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas‘ adaptation of the Vertigo Comics title. He’ll play Major, whom The Hollywood Reporter describes as “a former college football player-turned-environmental engineer who is extremely likable.” Major is the former fiancé of main character Liz, who is yet to be cast; other cast members so far include Alexandra Krosney, Malcolm Goodwin, and David Anders.

(via: CBR, SuperHeroHype, SuperHeroHype)

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