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Old School Gadgets Play Fun’s “We Are Young,” Set the World on Fire, Burn Brighter Than the Sun

There’s something to be said when antiquated technology is totally hip to today’s music scene and reproduces it in their own computerized language. Now the machines have something to play over the loud speakers to boost the morale of human slaves as they toil away, assuming our soon-to-be technological overlords even choose to keep us meatbags around. While that day is still a ways off, why not get a jump start listening to the rigid and lifeless rendition of Fun’s “We Are Young,” which we guarantee will be topping the charts in our not-too-distant-post-apocalyptic future!

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Since we’re obviously lacking the machines’ complex — for lack of a better term — tongue, our human shortcomings means that properly singing the lyrics to their version of “We Are Young” is beyond impossible. Still, you have to admit it was considerate of them to at least make it easy to hum to — only during allotted human activity hours and not a second after, or face severe punishment to the fullest extent of machine law, of course.

(via Viral Viral Videos, image via YouTube)

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