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NBC Hints at a Fifth Season for Community, Like They Think We’re Buying It For a Second

what is this I don't even


Because NBC likes to jerk us around wants us to get excited about the new season of Community, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt has stepped forward and said that the network is “absolutely hopeful” that the show will have a fifth season. “I’d love nothing more than to see it continue,” he said. OK, yeah, sure. It would’ve been nice if you’d shown such faith in the show a wee bit earlier, but I see this statement as nothing more than PR-speak, so whatever.

But it’s what he said about season four, premiering on February 7th, that I find a bit more interesting. If by interesting you mean infuriating. And I do.

Said Greenblatt:

“I think you’ll see relatively the same show that you did before, maybe with a little bit more heart built into it. But we didn’t fundamentally change it.”

“A little bit more heart”? Community had plenty of heart. Troy and Abed in the blanket fort war! Jeff in the season three finale! “Britta, you’re not the worst. You’re the best.” Something tells me that when Greenblatt says “heart” he’s referring to “sap,” the lack of which is one of the main reasons I love Community so much.

I’ll watch season four. It’ll probably still be good, even though it won’t be the same. Whatever. Things change. But I’m almost to the point where I wish they’d just cancel it to put us fans out of our misery and let Community ascend to the Pantheon of Shows Royally Screwed Over By Their Networks. It already has a seat waiting for it, between Arrested Development and Firefly and across from Freaks and Geeks.

(via: Deadline)

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