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Community Report Season 5 Episode 13 “Basic Sandwich”

They'll be back next season unless a giant asteroid has destroyed us all.


Last night was part two of Community‘s season(?) finale, and it hit predictably hard with the self-referential, “we’re constantly on the edge of destruction but who cares?” stuff. Seriously, save Greendale, everyone. We’re only one season away from completing the first half of six seasons and a movie! Here’s how the fifth season wrapped up.

The entire group embarks on a journey to find the riches buried beneath the school by Greendale’s eccentric, computer programming founder, Russell Borchert. That leads to some Goonies reference talk and plenty of hijinks that are deliberately insane to point out just how bizarre it is when other TV shows or movies take them seriously.



Jeff calls them out on the insanity and introduces some of his own by telling everyone about the plan from the last episode for him and Britta to get married. Annie, of course, has some feelings about this.



The school board tries to shut them down,

ivebeendrinkingcommunity but they’re already on their way to the treasure, and things are going great.

They finally track down Borchert,


and the school board goons get some answers from Hickey through… interrogation?


Meanwhile, Borchert shows them the computer emotion advancements he’s made possible in his solitude that us surface-dwellers can only dream of.


Unfortunately, the school board goons arrive just in time to steal the money that Borchert gives them to save the school. Of course, Chang’s helping them, because he’s a bad guy again, but I’m simplifying for the sake of brevity. It was actually a lot more complicated than that.


In the end, the weird energy between Jeff and Annie is enough to save them all, because that’s exactly how computers work.


They scare Subway off from buying the school by telling them that Borchert’s contract states he’d still be in charge, and nobody wants that. The school board reminds them that they’re perpetually on the chopping block and that everyone in charge of them wants to get rid of them. Get it? GET IT? But, that’s just business as usual for Community Greendale, and Jeff and Britta will pretty much take any excuse to not go through with their spinoff plans.


So… see you next year, we hope?


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