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ComiXology Opens Its Arms to Self-Published Comics, Will Soon Be Accepting Submissions


Comic book creators who’ve had no luck with big publishers like Marvel, DC and Image might just have found their in: Digital comics platform ComiXology will soon be accepting submissions.

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ComiXology Submit, launched yesterday, gives independent creators the opportunity to sell their work in ComiXology’s digital store—assuming, of course, that work is up to ComiXology’s standards. Reviewers versed in indie comics will take a look at each submission; says CEO David Steinberger, “it is important that these self-published books stand up to what’s already in the store… but the policies for reviewing submissions is not at all heavy-handed.”

The program, now in invite-only beta mode, will be a boon for all the artists who currently rely on crowdfunding to raise funds so they can self-publish. ComiXology Submit allows artists to price their own work, and the proceeds are split 50-50 between ComiXology and the creator once various fees (like Apple’s 30 percent tax) get taken out, so it’s a decidedly more cost-effective method of self-publishing than paper-and-ink printing. To that end, the launch is also good news for Web comic artists. (I don’t have an iPad yet, but if I get one I want Kate Beaton on there, stat!)

There’s no news yet on when ComiXology Submit will be out of beta mode, but if you provide your e-mail address they’ll let you know when you can submit your masterpiece. Good luck!

(via: Gizmodo)

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