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There Will Be a Full-Sized (at Least on the Outside) TARDIS Replica at San Diego Comic Con

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Geek Girl Diva spilled a delightful bit of news about a certain blue box appearing at the QMx booth at San Diego Comic Con next month. The fun news is that it opens up and will be available for pictures. What’s that? It opens up, you say? I do say, and I think I know what your next question is.

This TARDIS has been built to scale — nine feet tall, real wood, appears to be lit from the inside. And about that inside: is that to scale?

Okay, probably not. But we can imagine, right? Stepping into a TARDIS at Comic Con in 2011, stepping out at 2009 to the Doctor Who/Torchwood panel where David Tennant and John Barrowman kissed each other. But remember — you cannot alter history. You can only go back and watch. No inserting yourself into a historical situation, getting yourself into a wibbly wobbly, timey wimey mess. Unless there are aliens races to protect/defeat.

But seriously, maybe they can connect the TARDIS to an adjoining room featuring all its accoutrements and largess? And also invent time travel and sell tickets to the end of the universe? We’re just throwing out ideas.

(Geek Girl Diva)

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