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University of Colorado Auctioning Off Basketball Flooring


In case you’re in the market, the University of Colorado is auctioning off their basketball/volleyball court flooring. Yes, that’s right, this is a thing that people apparently can do. The auction is happening over at Higher Ed Plus, which appears to be an eBay of sorts for public goods, where the bidding starts at the low, low price of $5,000. While supplies last.

The auction itself at first appears to be selling the entire court. Further reading provides clarification that the auction is only for the flooring and carts for said flooring. At least there’s that. But then, if you’re looking to purchase a 16-year-old set of hardwood flooring then you’ve probably consideration transportation and might have carts of your own. And probably a trailer to haul them. Trailer not included.

If you’ve been waiting to film a quirky coming-of-age film based on purchasing a user basketball court only to build it in a small town to give hope to those residents who had no prospects otherwise then this is clearly the time to strike. If not, maybe it’s time you start. Either way, look out Sundance.

(Higher Ed Surplus via Deadspin)

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