Daughters of the Dragon Throw Down

Colleen Wing & Misty Knight Aren’t the Ladies to Mess with in This Luke Cage Season Two Clip

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The character of Misty Knight, played by the gorgeous Simone Missick, was easily one of the highlights of the first season of Luke Cage. The brilliant detective was an incredible asset to Luke on his show and on the mediocre crossover experience that was Defenders.

It was there that Misty lost her arm, and the previous trailer for Luke Cage did give us a look at Misty’s robotic arm in action—so we know that is 100% coming.

However, it looks like the beginning of the series will deal with Misty coping with the loss of her arm. According to Netflix:

In season two of Marvel’s Luke Cage (premiering June 22), Misty Knight grapples with the loss of her arm. She feels powerless and alone, but she’s not. She finds solace in friend, Colleen Wing, who (with some tough love) inspires Misty to reclaim her power …

Of course, when she is trying to chill with her girl, some jerk comes up and call her a bitch, because an injured former female cop is gonna be a target.

“You know that’s the second time someone’s called me a bitch today,” Misty tells Colleen. “And it’s gon’ be the last.” She engages in a fight with a perp who is upset at her for locking up someone close to him.

The fight scene is great because you see Misty fighting without her arm, but also how the loss of it is still new. At one point she moves to hit with her other arm and just falls forward, having forgotten. Colleen sits at the bar, silently encouraging until the odds become unfair and she joins the fray.

First, I love seeing these two women team up to fight, and I adore their teamwork skills in this scene. Already more interesting than anything in Defenders.

Secondly, I’m glad they try to incorporate Misty being a fighter while only having one arm. It would be easy to just have her snap back into action with her prosthetic, but taking the time to actually have her be fit without it is awesome.

If this is what is a sign of things to come in season two of Luke Cage, I can’t wait.

Don’t mess with the Daughters of the Dragon.

(image: Netflix)

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