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There Will Be No Classic Doctors Returning for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary, Says Colin Baker

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

My deepest condolences, Classic Whovians. In an interview with Doctor Who TV, Sixth Doctor Colin Baker said that he won’t be returning to Doctor Who for the show’s 50th anniversary… and that none of the other pre-Nine Doctors will be either.

Asked whether he’d been asked about reprising his role, Baker replied: “No. As far as I know, neither of any of [sic] my erstwhile colleagues have been asked either.”

As regards a possible cameo, either as part of the 50th anniversary on in the long-rumored Doctor Who movie, Baker quite wonderfully stated:

“A what? What’s a cameo role, darling? Does that mean a small part? Urgh! I suppose I might. I don’t know. I find it a bad idea to say what would you do if you were asked, which is why I’m going to say no, I probably wouldn’t appear in any movie. They would have to persuade me.”

OK. It’s official. I’ve not seen any classic Who aside from a bit of Tom Baker (including that really weird yellowfacing arc) and Eight’s TV movie (Shut up. I love Paul McGann), but I now like Colin Baker. Shame he won’t be coming back. As for the other Doctors, Baker not hearing about any cameos doesn’t mean they won’t happen… but still, it’s not looking good. Is it just me, or does bringing back the Classics not seem like something Steven Moffat would do?

Ah, well. Classic Whovians, chime in: Do you want to see any Classic Doctors return to the screen for the 50th anniversary? If so, who? Or would it just be a bad idea all around?

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