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Colbert Goes Hunger Games Again at the Democratic National Convention

May the votes be ever in your favor.

We all lamented our luck as this crazy election season began, because we’d be without the much-needed catharsis previously provided by Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and noted nerd Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report. However, they heard our cries and have returned on The Late Show to save us all from this madness with … additional madness.

Welcome to the Hungry for Power Games (which I will forever wish were called “The Power Hunger Games”). Colbert got back into his “Julius Flickerman” (brother of Hunger Games character and TV host Caesar Flickerman, of course) schtick last week for the veritable flaming dumpster of the Republican National Convention, and the DNC would not be spared the same fate.

They were wise to his act this time, though, so he didn’t get to stand up at the podium and make a total mockery of their political process. They’re doing that well enough on their own, I guess.

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