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Advertising on Twitter Is Super Effective! Coke Sees 85 Million Ad Impressions in 24 Hours

After purchasing the second ever promoted tweet, Coke saw astounding results. In just the first 24 hours after the promoted tweet went online, the ad saw over 85 million impressions. Not only that, but the ad saw a 6% engagement rate, as opposed to the usual .02% estimated with other web-based advertising. That’s over 5.1 million people who interacted with that ad in just a 24-hour span.

This could be just what Twitter needs for advertisers to see that it’s a useful medium for getting the word out; Twitter just has to be cautious not to let it get out of hand down the road, as too many promoted tweets could spoil the microblog for everyone.

The tweet in question was part of Coke’s World Cup campaign, and it congratulated the soccer teams from both the United States and the United Kingdom. Coke is also an official sponsor of the World Cup, and so they’ve invested plenty of other advertising funding into it.

And not only was the Twitter ad extremely well-received, the whole campaign around it was pretty cheap as far as advertising goes. From the Financial Times as viewed on Yahoo Finance: “Although (VP for interactive global marketing Carol Krse) did not reveal how much Coke spent on the campaign, she indicated the test was not expensive compared to other forms of online advertising.”

Kruse’s other comments serve to show how Twitter will likely now be viewed as a viable advertising arena:

“When it’s something new, it’s hard for publishers to know what the value is,” she said. “We didn’t know how it would work out but we wanted to learn in that space… It could have completely flopped. They [Twitter] also wanted to learn with us.”

Twitter is “one of the very few vehicles out there that can give you that kind of volume”, said Gaston Legorburu, worldwide creative officer at SapientNitro, an ad agency that works with Coke. Although Yahoo and MSN also provide “tonnage… it’s not as relevant”, he said.

It looks like Twitter might finally be able to make some money off its millions and millions of users.

(Via Yahoo Finance via The Next Web)

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