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Hillary Clinton Read From Fire and Fury in Surprise Cameo at the Grammys

Looking forward to the Tony portion of her EGOT tbh.

The 60th Grammy Awards were last night, and you know what that means: celebrities got political, and people who disagree with the politics of those celebrities got mad.

You’d probably also expect Hillary Clinton to get political (unless you expect her to take up knitting because you’re the worst), but you might not have expected the two to go together until last night. During a pre-taped segment in which celebrities jokingly auditioned for the spoken word version of Michael Wolff’s Trump administration book, Fire and Fury, Clinton stole the show with a surprise cameo—and possibly started down her “EGOT” (someone who has won achievements in TV, theater, movies and recording) path. Only time will tell.

The whole thing was fun, though, especially with Cardi B’s utter disbelief at even the most mundane details of Donald Trump’s daily life, let alone some of the more absurd events described in the book. John Legend, Cher, Snoop Dogg, and DJ Khaled also got in on the bit. It was not so fun for Trump fans or those in his administration, who not only loathe the book and dispute its accuracy, but who don’t think anyone should have political opinions at all, unless those opinions agree with their own and therefore become non-political fact.

Exhibit A is Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley:

Haley, for some reason, believes that the Grammys should be apolitical, but people who work in politics should express opinions on the Grammys. I wonder how she feels about the celebrity she now works for, in politics, spending years trashing President Obama under much worse pretenses.

Maybe she’s right. If we don’t watch out, we might wind up with one of the people in this sketch as president. Wait a minute …

(image: screengrab)

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