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Google's Chrome Browser Will Soon Support Game Controllers and More

A forthcoming update to Google’s Chrome browser will soon add support for gamepads, as well as cameras, microphones, and real-time chatting. While most Chrome users are focused on mere browsing, these additions could be a major step for bolstering Google’s ambition to take more everyday computing onto the cloud, with Chrome as the centerpiece.

According to Edge, Google developer Paul Kinlan said that the browser would add native plug-and-play support for game controllers in the first quarter of next year. Along with that would be support for WebRTC, an open-source chat client. Taken together, along with support of webcams and microphones, this suggests that Chrome is positioning itself for a major push into gaming.

This could be a good move for the browser, which already supports HTML5 and WebGL graphics acceleration, in addition to a huge user base. However, whether those users will be keen on taking advantage of these capabilities has yet to be seen. Simply having the support does not mean that Chrome will have the content to back it up. That said, combined with continued support for their cloud-based Chromebooks, Google seems to be broadening the possibilities for what their products can do.

(Edge via TechCrunch)

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