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Google's Chrome Browser Can Now Remote Control Your Computer

The giant brains at Google have rolled out a bold new web app for their Chrome web browser that really pushes the boundaries of what browsers can do. Called Chrome Remote Desktop, the app allows users to take control of a computer remotely and securely, all within a Chrome window. While this technology has been an established tool, especially for long-suffering IT support workers, placing it within a browser is an interesting move.

Currently in Beta, the app uses a secure one-time code to allow access to the host computer. Both computers must have the app installed to function. The system is designed to work cross-platform on Mac, PC, and Linux, which is a pretty strong mark in the app’s favor. It also works in the Chrome OS, which is likely the focus of the app in the long run. After all, Google is aiming to lower the cost of doing business with their web-based OS, and bundling a valuable piece of IT software will likely help in that regard.

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The app is pretty massive, a whopping 17mb, and is available for download from the Chrome App Store.

(CNet via Techmeme)

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