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Chris Evans Talks Establishing Cap’s Abilities, Unveils His Age Of Ultron Character Poster

Chris Evans’ Marvel days are dwindling. And so, if everything goes according to his (rumored) plan and he leaves his Captain America title behind at the end of Civil War, we’ve only got two more movies with Steve Rogers to go*. So what will those look like? We’ve got a glimpse to one of ’em thanks to a set visit interview from Age Of Ultron that was finally published this week.

*Edit: Some commenters pointed out that he might also depart sometime during the Infinity War third/fourth Avengers movies based on his contract, which would certainly be fittingly dramatic, especially if it served as the cliffhanger bridge between the two-parter.

This week also found Evans unveiling Cap’s character poster:

Last week we were treated to Chris Hemsworth’s thoughts on Thor’s sartorial choices; this week we’re treated to Chris Evans’ thoughts of and dreams for Cap’s abilities to punch and kick people (AND MORE!). Turns out the biggest thing Evans wanted for Cap going into Age Of Ultron was a promise to establish a more consistent canon when it comes to his abilities:

You know, in terms of the character Joss got it right with the first Captain America and not only that he’s a fanboy, you know? He’s loved comic books so it’s not like you’re talking to someone who might not have a handle of what audiences want, or who this character is at his core. The only thing I talked to him about was his ability consistency. With the second Captain America we really pushed the envelope in terms of what this guy is capable of which I was excited to see. Because in the first Captain America he’s just strong. In Avengers it was still, in my opinion, a little bit punch, punch, kick, kick.

You just can’t be Jason Bourne. We gotta see this guy do stuff that’s like yeah, he deserves a spot on this squad. You know, in [Winter Soldier] he’s pinballing off of jets and doing unbelievable things. I don’t wanna take a step back so we gotta make sure that he’s continuing training. His fight style needs to advance a little bit. I don’t wanna go full Bruce Lee, but there needs to be more than just haymakers and fun kicks. There needs to be a consistent display of strength. Utilize your environment in a way that’s like, “that’s right he can pick up a motorcycle with one hand…”

Let’s, let’s not forget that I can get punched by a human and get knocked down. It just doesn’t make sense to me. So that’s the only thing and that’s a tough thing to try to remember. You know, even in Avengers, you know, I punched a heavy bag across a room. If I hit a person he’s not getting back up. It’s just the way it’s gonna go, so we can’t do this any other way. That’s it. Just trying to keep your finger on that pulse and it’s tricky with all these characters.

In fact, he’s thinking about those abilities a lot:

the foes are a bit more of a challenge so in a way he’s not as effective as I’d like him to be. You know, you have to measure your enemy’s ability based on his capacity to win and sometimes Cap has to take that one to the chin. Be the one who gets thrown around a little bit ‘cause, you know, these Ultrons are pretty powerful. So how has his fighting style evolved? It’s not like incorporating like Wing Chun or Jeet Kune Do or anything like that. I’m trying to incorporate a lot more reflexes, you know, what I mean?

I’d love to get some scene where you kind of understand it’s not just speed and ability. It’s the fact that he can move. Even if his hands were bound you couldn’t get a finger on him. You know, he can still react incredibly fast so we’re trying to incorporate that, but on the same token we’re also trying to show what this foe can do. It’s just a matter of maintaining the speed and strength and agility and all that stuff.

He also mentions a bit about how/if his friendship with Black Widow will be explored further in this movie — it won’t, but it sounds like it’s in service of giving Natasha some other exciting stuff.

They do really good stuff with Scarlet in this one with her personal stories so the bond [with Steve] is definitely there, but we established it. We’re not gonna keep eating on that one. It’s built. It’s there. It’s solid. The foundation is there. So this movie begins with kind of a connection between the two of us but she has her own arc in this movie.

Her back story is one of the things I’m looking forward to most from Age Of Ultron, I gotta say.

Evans also spoke to Cap’s leadership role in this film, post-Winter Soldier:

You know, he’s adjusting [after Winter Soldier]. The team doesn’t have anyone to report to now. There’s no more S.H.I.E.L.D. so we’re all kind of depending upon one another, but that gives him an opportunity to kind of take more of a leadership role I suppose. Since there’s no one else giving him orders, he doesn’t have to question the chain of command or anyone’s motives, but it does mean he needs to rely on his team a lot more so it’s just kind of added a little bit more tension to the actual dynamic of the Avengers.

He also talks his favorite Avengers (spoiler alert: Cap is at the bottom of his list):

Who’s my favorite Avenger? That’s so tough. I wouldn’t — I’d put myself kind of at the bottom of the list honestly. As a man, as a people I’d take Steve Rogers. As an avenger, come on I don’t know. I really think Thor is pretty cool. I really like Iron Man just ‘cause, you know, I can’t get enough of Downey. Every single line he gives is so good. It’s really crazy watching him work if you ever get a chance. You’re just like god, I can see why this guy gave birth to this — we wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for Downey and what he did with the first Iron Man.

Ruffalo. You know, everything the guy does is just so interesting and unique. Such a good choice. You know, I’d be the first to admit. If you had asked me who’s gonna play the next Hulk I don’t know if he would have been in a lot of people’s radar and yet I can’t picture anybody else now but him. He’s perfect. I don’t know. Everyone’s so great. Paul Bettany, man. We just had our first scene with him. He’s so good. He’s so good. He’s so good. He is. You’re gonna love him. He’s gonna be amazing.

He also talks Cap’s demons, which we’ll get a glimpse at (with Hayley Atwell present) through Scarlet Witch’s brain magic:

Well, there are more relationships in this movie, personal relationships, Cap has to witness and I think that does kind of make him question his own purpose in terms of, this is a guy that wanted the family, the wife and kids and stability and normalcy. He wants to serve his country, but what he really wanted in life was a normal life. Then he went into the ice and things changed. So it’s a matter of where is home? You know, he’s always been a little lost and even in [Winter Soldier] it’s very much about well, what do I want? What am I supposed to be doing? What completes me? And in this one he kind of has to watch some of those relationships close and question, “Is that the end game?” Is that what he’s fighting for?

You can read the rest of the interview over at /Film.

What do you think of Age Of Ultron Cap, as we’ve seen him so far? And what are your hopes for Civil War Cap?

(Image via Marvel Entrtainment, fuckyeahcevans/Tumblr)

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