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Let Chris Evans and Taika Waititi Arguing Over Hot Topics Soothe You

Chris Evans and Taika Waititi on the Lightyear blue carpet

Whoever thought Taika Waititi and Chris Evans being paired together to do press was a good thing, thank you, because that’s how we got Evans and Waititi doing LadBible’s iconic “Agree to Disagree” segment, and while many have ended up disagreeing a lot, this might have been the nicest version of this—including an entire segment where both Chris Evans and Taika Waititi encourage theft. Like … really, they make jokes about stealing things off sets, and then Waititi says that he’s stolen “hearts, minds, souls,” and then “ideas” later on—not including the flowers he stole for his mother at the age of 10. The two were promoting their film Lightyear, and this chaos is exactly what we all need.

The segment is incredibly charming, but is that surprising? It’s Taika Waititi and Chris Evans. They get into hot topics like whether or not pineapple should be on pizza or they’re any good at karaoke. (Evans does admit that he’d sing James Taylor if he were feeling emotional, so now I do need his rendition of “Fire and Rain,” please.) But the video is just overall very soothing. Maybe I cried. To be determined.

The only real “fight” the two had was when they were talking about Football vs. Rugby, and even then, it was just about who grew up playing what, and they still ended it by complimenting each other, so why not spend 8 minutes of your day just listening to the two of them talk about accents and pizza? Because, to be honest, I am going to think about Chris Evans changing the topic to talk about cheese in crust for … a while.

Waititi and Evans team up

The two also did the BBC 1 Radio interview together with Ali Plumb (one of my faves), and Taika Waititi showed that he maybe hasn’t watched his own movie—or at least hasn’t memorized the iconic lines. All to be determined, maybe not by Waititi.

Is it weird to say that I would watch the two of them just do interviews together all the time? It helped me relax, let me take my mind off things for a while, and did give me new ammunition against my cat because I instantly said to Benjamin Wyatt the cat, “Chris Evans respects you. Taika Waititi thinks you’re an asshole. What are you going to do about it?” (He did nothing. He’s sleeping on my shin, actually.) Still, t’was surprising that Chris Evans said he respects cats because Chris “Dog Guy” Evans definitely seemed like the type to say he hated them. That’s a win for Benji (who does actually really love Chris Evans movies, just trust me on that).

So, if anyone wanted to give Chris Evans and Taika Waititi a talk show where they just talk about whatever their hearts desire, I’d watch it every day all the time. Bonus points if this show has the two of them doing karaoke every once in a while with different song choices (picked by the other) just because I think that’d be fun.

(featured image: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK)

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