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Chris Evans Strikes Back at Piers Morgan, Says Men Who Quantify Masculinity Are “Terrified on the Inside”

In which Piers Morgan tried to say that Steve Rogers wouldn't carry his own damn child

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In a bid to try and make fun of Chris Evans—who pushed back against Piers Morgan’s bizarre assertion that carrying one’s child is emasculating—Piers Morgan made quite the claim.

If you haven’t been following along with the melodrama that is Piers Morgan throwing a fit about masculinity on Twitter, the media personality (who is famous for being obnoxious and possibly the world’s highest-paid troll) decided to go after Daniel Craig.

When a picture of the James Bond star emerged with Craig wearing a papoose and carrying around his new baby, Piers decided that a father carrying around his child “emasculated” him.

People who are not threatened by the act of a man carrying a child in a method designed to carry a child stood up for Craig. Many took to Twitter to defend men and their right to carry their children around. Which, when you spell it out like that, is just mind-boggling. But this is Piers Morgan and this is 2018, so we can’t be that surprised.

Because he is a good boy from Boston, Chris Evans, our increasingly real-life Captain America, decided to let Piers know how he felt about the situation.

Which led to an unsurprising and also rather uninspired comeback from Morgan:

So Piers Morgan tried to throw a dig at Chris Evans, but let’s break this down. Piers Morgan, who is now known for saying dumb things on the internet, decided to attack Chris Evans, the man who has embodied Steve Rogers for nearly a decade, by saying that Captain America wouldn’t wear a papoose.

A) That’s wrong; Steve Rogers definitely would wear a papoose and B) Is Chris Evans so perfect that the only thing Piers could throw back in his face was that a fictional character he plays wouldn’t, in the eyes of Piers Morgan, be a good father and supportive husband? That a man designed to fight Nazis would be afraid of utilizing a comfortable way of child-carrying?

To be quite honest, I’m more offended that anyone has the opinion that Captain America wouldn’t be the most supportive father and partner. He’s Steve Rogers. He literally started a civil war for his best friend.

And just why should Piers Morgan be any kind of authority on the topic of masculinity, anyway? Piers Morgan is a joke. Not that he was anything special before the 2016 election, but the fact that Piers spends his days on Twitter just trying to get a rise out of people shows the lack of excitement in his own life. Granted, you could say the same about me seeing as I am angrily typing out how Steve Rogers would most definitely wear a papoose, but I do that from a place of love.

At least we know, at the end of the day, that Chris Evans is a good guy, and we should take his response to Morgan as the last word on the subject of men being allowed to carry children without mockery.

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