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Fox Picks Writers, Director For Choose Your Own Adventure Movie, Turns to Page 92

Aaaaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiish

You forgot that Fox promised it’d be making a “crossplatform four-quadrant action-adventure franchise” on the Choose Your Own Adventure license, that’s fine. But I’m going to need you to turn to page “”

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I think we can all admit that a Choose Your Own Adventure Movie is destined to be 75-90% gimmick and 10-25% movie, and in that case I think Fox has picked some good folks to sit at the helm. Writing duties have been handed off to Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, whose work you might be familiar with from the Night at the Museum franchise. The Hollywood Reporter points out that the Choose Your Own Adventure medium is associated with a lot of different genres. But I imagine that with Garant and Lennon on the script, there’s no reason for the film to stick to any of those genres. To paraphrase the little girl in the gifs, why not all of them? That’s the road Lego is taking with their film, and if The Lego Movie is as quickwitted and fun as the trailers, it’s going to pay off for them.

For director, Fox has tapped Rawson Marshall Thurber, and don’t let the posh name fool you, he directed DodgeBall. That’s another good sign that Fox is pitching closer to The Lego Movie than Battleship in terms of adaptations based on a not particularly narrative rich source material.

Of course, there’s still no news on how Fox plans on making good on that promise of “crossplatform” or “four-quadrant” (frankly I’m not even sure what that last one means) so we can continue to speculate. The movie could still fail swiftly and expectedly, ironically, or inexplicably terribly, or it could wind up like a new Clue.

Which still would mean that it would fail by Hollywood’s standard of success. Good luck, Fox, Garant, Lennon, and Thurber. Choose wisely.

(Story via The Hollywood Reporter, images found at You Chose Wrong.)

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