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Chilean Kids Can Train to Be Jedi Warriors!

For A More Civilized Age

Ok, here’s the story that will make you jealous because of the sheer amount of awesome involved: In Quilpué, Chile, a martial arts school called the Jedi Temple (really) teaches children ages 6 through 12 about the battle tactics of Jedi warriors and the Force. Obviously, they will not be trained to strangle people with their minds, but they will be learning how to incorporate Star Wars fandom with meditation and martial arts, including light saber fights. Dude. Let’s pretend to be children and go, like, right now.

According to the head of the school, William Berrueta:

“[A]s a yoga [and taekwondo] instructor, I got the idea to integrate these disciplines with meditation and do something more holistic and funny, looking to entertain children and interpret those characters …” (translated from BBC World)

The school has gotten criticism from (humorless) Star Wars fans who think it’s “stupid” to try to run a program based on a telekinetic power in a popular science fiction movie. But what could possibly be wrong with a “theme” martial arts class for kids? Sorry nerds, but this sounds like an awesome way to have fun with meditation and martial arts. It also seems smart to put things like meditation into a familiar context for kids, assuming they are Star Wars fans, which I’d have to think they are if they competed for a spot in this small class of 20 kids. For example, maybe instead of trying to just clear their mind of thoughts, they pretend to concentrate and “use the Force” to clear mental obstacles!

The Jedi Temple began classes last week and is currently looking for kung fu and katana instructors. ¡Que el poder esté contigo!

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