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Watch Round 9 of the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway

Because you can't watch the huge fight going on at the FIDE General Assembly right now.

Round 9 of the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø is happening today, but it’s only the second most exciting thing going on in the chess community right now. There is also the FIDE General Assembly where there’s no shortage of debate between the current FIDE administration and challenger Garry Kasparov. Unfortunately there’s no live stream of that, so let’s look at the chess.

Coverage starts at 9AM ET for the live stream of the Olympiad events. If you want to follow the FIDE/Kasparov debate and presidential election the list of twitter accounts (embedded below) we pulled together from Tromsø seems like a great place to start. There’s no filming during the General Assembly, so firsthand Twitter accounts are as good as coverage is going to get for the time being. Susan Polgar’s feed is particularly helpful at following the tense assembly.

Open event:

Women’s event:

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