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Dancing? In This Economy? How Dare These Celebrities and Politicians Dance!

What ever are we going to do with all these dancing people?

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How dare they dance? How dare they sing? Celebrities and politicians, this happy? What is this? The dark ages? For those who don’t understand this sarcasm, let me explain: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in a video in college dancing like (essentially) the members of the Breakfast Club, and the GOP tried to mock her for it.

So we, the ever loving society we are, turned AOC dancing into a beloved meme. But that is not okay? Because no one in the GOP has ever danced before? Since that must, seemingly, be the case, I just hope that the GOP

To help the Republicans out there who want to hate everyone for being happy and dancing, I decided to compile a lovely list of data so if the GOP wants to shame any of these people for dancing, they have it all in one place.

First, how dare Meryl Streep dance with Christine Baranski and Julie Walters? How could we ever take any of these people seriously if they ran for public office?

Is this why Cynthia Nixon didn’t win? The Democrats could only have one dancer from New York at a time?

Lin-Manuel Miranda is often very political (he did write and star in Hamilton), so if he ever runs for office, hopefully, the GOP is filled with fans of High School Musical 2.

How dare the PRIME MINISTER dance like this around his home? He should be sitting and reading papers all night long and then wake up and do more Prime Minister things. No fun allowed!

The robot dance? John McCain having fun a few years ago? The outrage and HORROR!

Never forget that time that George W. Bush had the audacity to dance. He was the president! How dare he move his body to the rhythm of a song!

And you know what? How dare the ACTUAL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do this sketch! Dancing? Having fun? That seems like something the GOP should get super outraged about!

Oh, wait … it’s Donald Trump, so they don’t care. If this were a video of Ted Cruz or Mike Pence dancing, it would have been “endearing” to them, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doing it? That makes her “America’s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is.”

Basically, the GOP wants to complain and throw Democrats under the bus to make it seem like they’re taking their jobs as Republicans more seriously, but that isn’t the case, and it’d all be a whole lot easier if everyone just took a second, blasted some ABBA tunes, and danced for a little bit. Maybe the GOP would be happier then and wouldn’t be so angry that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clearly had fun when she was in college.

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