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Here Is the Official Comic Book Guide to Surviving Zombies From the Center for Disease Control

Don't Panic

It’s always nice to hear that governmental agencies have a sense of humor, and even though the Center for Disease Control sure as heck let us down at the end of The Walking Dead last season, the real-life version of the agency has taken it upon themselves to take much better precautions. They’ve illustrated their plans by creating an official guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse in the form of a downloadable comic book. Just in time for Rapture 2.0, you guys!

The comic, entitled Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic, was a big hit at New York Comic Con last week and can be downloaded for free through the CDC site. Ali Khan, director of the CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, was handing out copies of the comic at the panel “Zombie Summit: How to Survive the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.” While the CDC acknowledges that this is a light-hearted look at a very popular trend in entertainment, it does emphasize that some of the points made in the comic can still be applied to emergencies that might happen in real life. Things like rounding up an emergency kit, a checklist, evacuation route, etc.

Here are some scenes from the comic, which follows a couple, Todd and Julie, and their dog Max as they navigate a fictional zombie apocalypse:

That just sounds like a bunch of drunks. We’ll be fine.

But honestly, Max, nothing really looks good on the Internet. Or honest. This might be one of those “Blair Witch” things. Or a bot. A zombie-apocalypse-bot.

Um, have we checked the dog for The Zomb? Because that’s a weird-looking dog, Todd…

Mrs. Clements! We don’t have any sugar! We’re diabetic! And you should seriously lay off the sweets! You look awful!

Todd, seriously, I really hate pranks, especially when you involve the dog.

Max: “WOOF!” (Because that is what dogs say.)

Isn’t this the one that blew up????!!!!

Julie, Todd, and Max escape to a nearby elementary school where the townsfolk are gathering to escape the zombies while the CDC works on a vaccine and its dissemination. A lab has been set up to test everyone for The Zomb, and it is probably filthy and horrifyingly inaccurate.

Or is it??? Wait … that won’t work here. Rather than spoil the entire comic, which is, honestly, fun for all ages, we’ll stop here and let you download it here.

(via Comics Alliance)

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