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CBS Picks up #Resistance, Featuring Loose Cannon Cop Who Becomes Vigilante So as to Not Play By the Rules, Also Is a Lady

Cautiously Optimistic

Between the two of them, Joseph McGinty Nichol and Daniel Cerone share the credit for Supernatural, ChuckCharmed, and Dexter. The two creators of blockbuster television have apparently put something together that presses quite a lot of my buttons, from vigilantes with no super powers to lady cops, to nebulous and improbable conspiracies by “the law” to work (scary voice) “outside the law…”

From Deadline:

The project from McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision and Warner Bros TV centers on an unconventional young female detective for the San Francisco Police Department who won’t let criminals get away with their actions. After she finally goes too far, she gets fired from the force — only to be secretly recruited by the Chief of Police to become an undercover officer posing as a vigilante, allowing her to break the law in order to serve justice. Cerone will write the script and executive produce with Wonderland’s McG and Peter Johnson.

I also admire the internet cojones it takes to just put a hashtag at the front of your TV show’s name. Will we have to hashtag this as ##Resistance? Is this a new era where all titles of everything ever begin with a pound sign? Who knows.

Hopefully this thing gets off the ground, is good, and has money. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated.

(This picture of a cannon brought to you by Susana’s affection for the phrase “loose cannon cop who doesn’t play by the rules” and the lack of any other relevant or humorous pictures for this post.)

(via Deadline.)

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