Catwoman Might Be As Unsettlingly Creepy as Heath Ledger’s Joker [Slight Spoiler]

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Catwoman is apparently one of the most well written characters we’ve seen in these movies so far and she could potentially steal the show the way Heath Ledger did last time. She does some cool stuff in the movie like jumping out of windows and stealing the Batpod. — A source to Batman News, divulging a few details about Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman/Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. Another source also says that the costume pics that were revealed on Friday were not totally complete. (As in, there will possibly be a more cat-like cowl added at some point.) If you’d like to read the slightly spoilery part about our villain’s backstory, I’ve added that after the jump.

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The first source on Selina Kyle’s background:

Her back story is that she has a history of abuse and works as a stripper and is also a pickpocket.

The abuse part is actually part of the canon, as is some form of thievery. If we find out she’s also an amnesiac flight attendant, you can bet we’ll let you know.

(Batman News via BuzzFeed)

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