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Humor Me, and Watch This Basketball Scene from Catwoman

Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

Okay, I admit. I haven’t seen Catwoman. I know that for proper purposes of legitimacy, people are supposed to see a thing before they talk about how bad it is, but come on. This movie came out before I started college and ever knew that I would ever have to back up my opinions on movies for more than my own friends, let alone the entire internet. And now? Now you couldn’t pay me to watch Catwoman. I could be watching The Dark Knight Rises instead.

So that’s how I didn’t know that the movie contained this absolutely hilarious train wreck of a scene. Which is the weirder part? Grown adults apparently purposefully turning a game of one-on-one in to thinly veiled physical sexual innuendo in full view of children? That a child would ask two grown adults to play basketball for him instead of with him? Thank you, MTV Movies and Reddit, for making sure that I knew about this.

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